Friday, October 18, 2013

Invitation for seva in Bad Antogast

Dear Ones, 

The autumn starts in Bad Antogast and the silence and relaxation of the winter is already in the air. Do you have time and longing to come to Bad Antogast to do Sadhana, Satsang and to enjoy Seva? You can participate in every morning Yoga, Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya, Meditation before lunch and in the evening Satsang followed by the knowledge tape. As your seva you can work in the kitchen, clean the house or help with construction works. You can experience how seva helps in growing in the knowledge. We are looking forward to having you in Bad Antogast as one of our happy seva warriors for 4 weeks or longer. We provide food and accommodation. If you do 2 month seva you get one Art of Silence Part 2 (or some other course) free of cost. We also look for a cook who would like to stay and work in Bad Antogast for a longer time. 

If you are interested please contact us, email: | Phone no.: 00497804 973 928