Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 to 6 months positions: Art of Living Publications recruits

Wisdom is a precious gift to each and everyone of us.
How do we present it?
How do we spread it!
How to convey the sacredness of its content is an art!

To that end, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to fill the

- A qualified graphic designer accomplished at using Adobe Photoshop and
Adobe InDesign.

Above all, you should be able to demonstrate a strong visually creative
flair as the new corporate identity of Art of Living Publications is
scheduled to be created.

- An archivist, who can maintain our on growing audio and video archives.

- A webshop volunteer to maintain our nearly new born website.

Spending these 3 TO 6 MONTHS (minimum period for the positions) in the
Ashram, you will have a fixed schedule with a combination of work and
spiritual  practices. A precious way of rejuvenating oneself while
contributing to a noble task.

If you think you have a contribution to make or if you know anyone
who is interested, please submit a CV and portfolio to the Art of Living
Publications' manager Fred Louradour at:
or +4978049119883

EU Citizenship is required for these positions!